Wireless HDMI Round Up


Conclusion about the Wireless HDMI Round Up

All of these devices have different features, so it's impossible to say that one was the best overall. If you have direct line-of-sight and don't need component switching, the DVDO had flawless performance within its requirements. It also supports 7.1-channel audio, but it does cost more and have more limitations with placement than the other devices. The ability to bounce off one wall means it might work for most people but your environment might vary.

The IOGear did a good job in the tests that were not across the building from each other, and the presence of an HDMI output means it can work in certain situations, such as a room with a TV and a projector, or streaming a signal to a second device in another room, that the other devices couldn't. The range and AV switching capabilities were a bit behind those of the Belkin if you plan to use it as a main switching hub. For people with multiple walls in the way, the Belkin was the overall best performer of the three. The ability to switch between four HDMI inputs, and label them, was very nice though the remote was sometimes a bit unresponsive I thought, and you only get lossy audio.

Nothing can beat a hard-wired connection for overall quality and reliability, but the wireless HDMI devices that I tested, in my environment, performed reasonably well. If it worked in my space, the DVDO is what I would use as it had the best pure performance in the end, and supported more features than the other two devices. The 5 GHz wireless bands might also become more crowded over time as more and more components begin to support it but 60 GHz will not really have that issue.

If you need to go through walls, or switch among different components, then you should look at the IOGear and Belkin solutions, as they provide an answer for those situations that the DVDO does not. If you only need wireless HDMI occasionally, then the IOGear probably is your best bet, with the HDMI output allowing it to more easily integrate into an existing system than the other devices. If you need a wireless solution, there are now multiple choices out there for you, and one of them will likely fit your needs whatever they might be.