Monster PowerNet 200 and 300 Kits for Audio and Video Streaming Through Your House AC Wiring



Monster provided me with two PowerNet units, the 200 and 300 models. The 200 is your common Homeplug unit with a single Ethernet jack, status lights, and a reset/sync button, but with the addition of two outlets featuring Monster's power filtering technology. This unit plugs directly into a standard 2 jack outlet and then provides those two outlets with power filtering and surge suppression for you. The 300 unit is a larger unit that features a built in, 4 port 10/100 switch instead of a single Ethernet jack, as well as the dual filtered outlets. This unit connects to the wall with an enclosed IEC plug, which has a very solid connection and a nice plug that rotates, making positioning it easy.

Monster PowerNet Kit

While some people might be inclined to wish that the port was gigabit instead of just 10/100, when used in a home theater none of the devices should need a gigabit connection to another device, and 10/100 Ethernet is more than enough to saturate the Powerline connection as well. I appreciated that the 300 unit was able to be placed in a location other than connected to the wall. It gave me easy access to the network jacks and the power outlets, which is useful as I have to swap equipment in and out of my system fairly often. The lights on the units made it pretty clear if you had a connection, and the quality of it, though I do wish that there was a switch to possibly disable them, since many people want their home theater to be as light controlled as possible.