Monster PowerNet 200 and 300 Kits for Audio and Video Streaming Through Your House AC Wiring


Monster PowerNet Kit


Two years ago, there wasn't a single device in my home theater that required an Internet connection. Speed ahead to today, however, and my home theater now needs more Internet connections than the rest of my household. Two BD Live Blu-ray Players, a DLNA Receiver, a PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Tivo HD, and a plasma with Internet Widgets all want to be online for either content downloads, media streaming, firmware upgrades, or more, and many of these require a lot of bandwidth to work well. While wireless worked fine for me for a while, as more and more wireless networks appeared in my living room (I can now pickup 24 different wireless networks), the quality of it began to suffer as those networks overlapped, not to mention interference from cordless phone, microwaves, and other devices in the 2.4 GHz spectrum. Since I can't easily run Ethernet through my condo, I began to research other solutions.

One common and popular solution was Ethernet over Powerlines, which promises to delivery up to 200 Mbit/sec performance over your existing powerlines, and is very simple to hookup and configure around the house since you have outlets all over. Monster recently released two products that provide this, using the Homeplug standard, that promise to make sharing your network easy, and provide power filtering for your devices as well. I was happy to be able to test this solution from Monster to see if it could provide me a quality signal for my home theater, and provide me with enough bandwidth for streaming audio and video over my network


  • Design: Audio and Video Streamer Through Household AC Wiring
  • Connections:1 Ethernet Jack (10/100),2 filtered AC outlets
  • Speed Up to 200 Mbit/sec
  • Security: 128-bit AES
  • MSRP: $249.95 USA (PowerNet 200), $199.95 USA (PowerNet 300)