Audioengine AW1 Wireless Music Transmitter/Receiver


The Design

The system includes a transmitter and a receiver and various cables. Each of the devices is clearly marked as to which is transmits and which receives. The receiver must be powered so it comes with a handy narrow AC adapter and a pair of analog RCA cables connecting it to any input device, in my case the back of my A/V receiver. The transmitter is attached via a USB device or a standard 1/8” mini jack like on the top of your iPod and transmits from any source, such as a CD player or the pre-outs on your receiver. Is your subwoofer a bit too far from your A/V receiver to run a cable or the cable is a tripping hazard? This would fix you up just fine.

Regardless, there are many applications and it doesn’t matter whether you have a Mac or PC. Here is a diagram of what you can connect with this product.


I also had a desire to play my digital music in my listening room to my main speakers which prompted me to buy the excellent Benchmark DAC1 USB for my computer to talk to my amplifier and as wonderful as that sounded, it still tethered me between my laptop and my rack. Again, the W1 solved the issue.