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Audio Desk System Automated Vinyl (LP) Cleaner



How does the cleaned record sound then? I began by cleaning some records that I had already cleaned with the Nitty Gritty. I have found that there is still a small bit of surface noise and an occasional click or pop with a Nitty Gritty cleaned record. The ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaner seems to address both of these issues. Visual inspection of a cleaned record shows that the mold release compound is gone as well. This compound is a leftover from the record manufacturing process and to my knowledge no other cleaner will remove it.

I have yet to hear a click or pop from a record cleaned in this machine and surface noise is completely absent for most records. YES! This is the ticket to a truly divine vinyl experience. A blacker back ground means not only that you don't hear artifacts such as surface noise but the needle dedicated to bringing out more of the nuance in the sound.