Video Processors

Lumagen Radiance XS-3D Video Processor


Design of the Lumagen Radiance XS-3D

The Radiance XS is unassuming on the front, with a single LED light. The back has a large array of inputs, both analog and digital. There are four HDMI 1.4a inputs and two outputs, allowing the XS to run two separate displays, or send one to a display and one to an audio processor. There are also component, composite, and S-Video inputs along with optical, coaxial, and analog audio inputs. For many people this will be enough to handle all of their video signals, allowing the processor or receiver to totally bypassed for switching video signals.

The performance of the Radiance XS is the same as the Mini or XE models, with the difference being on the inputs and outputs available. The Mini has only a pair of HDMI inputs and a single output and likely will be installed after a receiver or processor. The XE adds two more HDMI inputs, more analog inputs as well analog outputs, allowing it to serve as a complete input manager for a larger system with many legacy devices. You can optionally add a 3G-SDI input as well.