Video Processors

DVDO Edge Video Processor


Menus and Features

DVDO Edge Video Processor display

The unit starts with a wizard style interface that most home users will welcome, it relies on automatically detecting (using EDID) your display’s name and information and lets you override audio and video settings.

Some of the menus can still be made simpler. I doubt most users buying this as an HDMI switch will know if they need to use 1080P 59.94Hz or 1080p 50Hz, but they would know that their display is FULL HD (1080p). While this seems to be only a difference in terminology, this is one of the first video processor products that is oriented towards the mass consumer market, and should really adopt those terms.

DVDO Edge Video Processor output format

EDID worked fine for me on all resolutions I have tried, but it’s important to note that the unit does not support custom timing as do the VP line of processors. The importance of this, however, decreases as all displays are now standardizing on FULL HD these days.

DVDO Edge Video Processor onscreen picture

Overall, the interface is intuitive, simple and cleanly designed. When adjusting something, the top of the screen indicates what you are adjusting and the bottom gives you helpful hints at it.

Not all of the features are clearly defined or easily accessible. One of my favorites is 1:1 frame rate which should be, in my opinion, enacted 100% of the time.  Most users might not even realize what an improvement they are making in activating it, it really should be part of the wizard process to test if this feature works on their display and activating it accordingly.

DVDO Edge Video Processor advanced controls

Some of the features might also be left out, the great number of test patterns that we know and love in the VP product line seem to be a bit out of place here. Most consumers wouldn’t know a 100IRE from a needle pulse pattern.  Access to these patterns, at least in the V61 beta I had tested for this review, is cumbersome and unintuitive.

Some of the best features are buried deep within menus that most users will probably never find (e.g., just leave PReP on automatic – I can’t see the harm in that…). This is nitpicking on my part, I think the menus are great and quite usable as they are, but they can be further improved.