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Darbee Darblet DVP5000 Video Processor

Darbee Darblet DVP5000 Video ProcessorDarbee came into our lives after a dry period in the world of video processors. New video processors are coming out all the time, but the excitement behind them is pretty much the focus of videophiles and pro calibrators.


Lumagen Radiance XS-3D Video Processor

Lumagen Radiance XS-3D

Last year I looked at the Lumagen Radiance Mini-3D video processor and its interaction with ChromaPure software for automated calibrations. Paired with an older projector, it was able to provide an accurate grayscale, gamut, and gamma providing an image that was far more accurate than without it. Now, we take a look at the Radiance XS-3D video processor, which is a step up from the Mini-3D.


Lumagen Radiance XD Video Processor

figure 1

My long romance with Lumagen processors started quite a few years ago when image processing was still considered something so uniquely bizarre, the only place you could actually read about it was on Internet forums. I was a frequent forum visitor, and after a lot of reading I ended up with the first generation of Lumagen processors. In this review, Secrets takes a look at their latest iteration, the Radiance. It's expensive, but what a picture!


DVDO Edge Video Processor

dvdo-edge-video-processor-img-4903-leadin.jpgMany years ago, CRT projector owners had an annoying problem, if they increased their projection area, scan lines would become visible. The idea of line doubling – duplicating the number of lines to avoid the empty spaces between the scan lines became the first consumer video processing technique available. Since all of our video sources at the time were video, but were originally film – Yvves Faroudja introduced the world to the concept of 3:2 pulldown de-interlacing. De-interlacers were able to double lines but effectively turned the image into a progressive one – a single image that contained data from both interlaced fields at once. Many video processors have come to market since that time to improve on this basic technology, adding many more features than simply de-interlacing. Anchor Bay Technologies has produced numerous processors over the years, and the DVDO Edge is their latest model. It is priced at only $799. Ofer LaOr dissects this new processor and gives us his views on its performance.


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