The Art of the Speakerbar with Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones, Director of Loudspeaker Engineering at Pioneer Electronics and TAD Laboratories, talks about Pioneer's new "speakerbar," the SP-SB23W, including the basic design philosophy behind it, details about the drivers, the RF-molded MDF and wood laminated enclosure, the use of active DSP-based crossovers and EQ, the included wireless powered subwoofer, how he got the main drivers to go down to 110 Hz, why he decided on a 2.1 configuration with no simulated surround, the decisions he had to make so that the retail price for the system would be $400, answers to chat-room questions, and more.

Run Time: 1:07:46

1974-1977, B.Sc. in physics, Surrey University
1977-1980, Research Student, computer-aided crossover network design, Essex University
1980-1983, Research Student, active noise control, Essex University
1983-1994, KEF Electronics, ending as Chief Engineer
1994-1997, Infinity Systems Inc, Chief Engineer
1997-present, Pioneer Electronics, Dir Loudspeaker Engineering
2001-present, TAD Labs, Dir Loudspeaker Engineering