Smyth Realizer Headphone Surround Simulator

Lorr Kramer, vice president of Smyth Research, explains the Smyth Realizer, a sophisticated surround-sound simulator for use with any 2-channel headphones. This small device measures how sound waves from a speaker system in a room enter the user's ears, then simulates the sound of that speaker system and room—as heard by that individual—in a pair of headphones, including distance and direction of each speaker. This is a fascinating technology that goes well beyond other headphone-based surround simulators.

Run Time: 53:35


Lorr Kramer joined Smyth Research LLC in 2008. Prior to that, he worked at DTS for 12 years, beginning as part of the small team assembled to launch DTS into the consumer market. As Vice President of Technology Strategy for DTS, he engaged in strategic planning, technical standards for the cinema industry, and company communications.

As a partner, Mr. Kramer managed Mathematical Systems Design, an engineering company providing digital signal processing solutions for radio-frequency spectrum analysis and professional audio applications. He also worked at JBL for seven years in product development. He has held positions at global satellite operator Comsat and in the software industry.