NAB 2013 Wrapup

Just back from NAB 2013, industry consultants Ron Williams, Geoff Tully, and Michael Heiss reveal what they saw at the show, including lots of 4K news from Sony ($700 "hatbox" 4K server, smaller 4K displays), Red (RedRay 4K player nearing availability, laser projector MIA), Black Magic (4K video camera under $4000), and others; demos of 8K and 22.2-channel sound from NHK; the next generation of ATSC broadcast standards; next-gen HDMI vs. DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, and HDBaseT; answers to chat-room questions; and more.

Run Time: 1:07:04

A professional in the broadcast and film industries for 37 years, Ron Williams has successfully operated The Landmark Group as a design and consulting company in the broadcast and video, CGI, and film industry. The Landmark Group has designed and built facilities for all major networks, post-production houses, and government facilities, and it performs quality control and proof of performance for CGI, film, and HDTV facilities.

Mr. Williams served as Engineering and Technical Director for the ABC television network in New York and Hollywood. As one of the team leaders who designed six Olympic games, five political conventions, and many Wide World of Sports events, winning nine Emmy nominations, he went on to organize the special-events unit for the network.

In his time working for Sony as a product and sales marketing manager and Panasonic as the Western Regional Sales Manager, he brought many new products to market. He still contributes to manufacturers' development of new products.

Mr. Williams also served as the VP at Doremi Labs. Doremi is the leader in digital cinema exhibition servers and 3D servers and converters.

Most recently, he has contributed computer graphics for several major motion pictures, writing color references for the conforming data. Managing the color conversions and monitoring for film, TV, and CGI is part of the work of the Landmark Group. Consulting for several corporations, he is designing digital intermediate timing rooms for digital cinema. Landmark also performs measurements and testing for theaters and screening rooms and consults on display design and standards for many CE manufacturers.

Landmark was ahead of the times with a 4K LCD professional monitor developed in-house in 1996. The work in the scanning and recording was advanced at the time, working in 4K images for feature films.

The list of major motion-picture contributions is long and varied. Aiding in the color timing, alignment, gamma mapping, or quality assurance, he has touch most of the "A" titles released in the past five years.

Mr. Williams continues his work with various SMPTE committees. He worked on the standards for high definition television as well as the digital-cinema standard. He has chaired several SMPTE standards committees, including the Monitor Calibration committee and the DC28 colorimetry committee for digital cinema, and now Display standards.

In his previous position as Technology Development Director at THX Ltd., Geoffrey Tully oversaw the advancement and penetration of THX Media Director technology into the market place. In this role, he oversaw a team of entertainment content and engineering specialists to develop, integrate and promote the technology throughout the THX Media Director ecosystem (THX Certified partners, CE and chip manufacturers, content distributors/authoring houses, and more).

Prior to joining THX, Tully served as a technology consultant to Cinea, a subsidiary of Dolby Labs that developed and deployed systems for secure delivery of entertainment content. Before that he was senior vice president of production for DIVX Entertainment, a subsidiary of Circuit City stores. Tully was co-inventor of a portion of the underlying DIVX technology, which was awarded a U.S. patent, and he managed the video production of more than 500 DVD titles for the company which ultimately sold over 200,000 DVD players and more than six million DVD discs.

Previously, Tully worked for Pioneer Electronics for 11 years. As Senior Vice President of the multimedia systems division, Tully managed sales, marketing and engineering support for Pioneer's industrial LaserDisc, CD-ROM and professional videodisc recorder products in the U.S. Tully joined Pioneer when it took over the operations of DiscoVision Associates (DVA), the IBM-MCA joint venture company that launched the industrial videodisc in the U.S. market in the early 1980s. Before working at Pioneer, Tully worked in technical support and market development at DVA.

Tully is a member of the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG), the Hollywood Post Alliance (HPA) and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE). He has participated in and been selected for numerous speaking engagements, most recently at Blu-Tech 2011 and the HPA Tech Retreat 2012. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Systems Science from Michigan State University and a Master of Science in Educational Policy Studies from Florida State University.

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Michael Heiss has close to 40 years of experience in guiding the development, production, and marketing of new technology products and services. Well versed in both professional and consumer electronics, he has held management, marketing, and technology development positions for leading hardware and software firms such as Harman International, Rank Video, NBC Television, as well as Spectradyne, the originator of pay-per-view hotel movie services, and Home Video Corp., the first nationwide direct-to-home video software rental service. He is the author of four books on video technology and is a frequent panelist, seminar moderator, and lecturer at industry conventions around the world, such as CES, PARA, CEDIA (US, UK and Asia/Pacific), NSCA, InfoComm, and VSDA.
Recognized as a leading journalist covering the professional and consumer electronics industries, Heiss is currently a contributing editor and columnist for both Residential Systems and Systems Contractor News. He is also the US correspondent for, the leading on-line publication for the custom-installation trade in the UK and Europe. He has also contributed to CEON, Videography, Video Systems, and many other trade newsletters and magazines. He has been quoted as a consumer electronics authority in publications ranging from the Wall Street Journal to the Los Angeles Times, the AP, and the British Audio Journal.

A member of numerous engineering, technical and communications societies, including SMPTE, SBE, IEEE, SID, STC, and ATAS, he is also member of the Order of the Iron Test Pattern with the Dignity of General. Named to the inaugural class of CEDIA Fellows, Heiss is an active participant in their activities and served two terms as a member of CEDIA's Board of Directors.,