Home-Theater PCs with Robert Heron

In part 2 of my discussion with Robert Heron, I ask him all about home-theater PCs, including basic hardware requirements, TV tuner cards, CableCards, video cards, Blu-ray playback and ripping, DVR functionality, remote control, network-attached storage (NAS), Windows Media Center versus third-party HTPC software, the advantages of a PC versus a dedicated set-top box for online streaming, wired Ethernet versus WiFi, answers to chat-room questions, and more.

Run Time: 1:07:18


Robert Heron is a technologist at heart who has spent more than a decade covering the consumer-electronics (CE) industry through his editorial, laboratory, and media outlet experience.

Robert's expertise as a home-theater analyst and consultant stems from the testing and published reviews of hundreds of related products as well as his continuing education and certification through the assistance of organizations including CEDIA, Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), and THX.

When he's not calibrating home-theater systems or advising clients about the latest A/V gear under the banner of his company Heron Fidelity, Robert enjoys traveling, reading, and almost any flavor of motor sports.