Calibrating Leo Laporte's TVs with Robert Heron

Home-theater technologist Robert Heron and I discuss my calibration of Chief Twit Leo Laporte's two flat-panel TVs: a brand new, 65-inch Panasonic TC-P65GT50 and an older 50-inch Pioneer PDP-5070PU. Using a Minolta CS-200 colorimeter, AVFoundry VideoForge test-pattern generator, and SpectraCal CalMan software, the Panasonic measured quite well in THX Cinema mode, but I was able to tweak it even closer to the well-established video specs. The Pioneer does not offer calibration controls, so it came down to a choice between two color-temperature settings. See all the results here!

Run Time: 1:09:43

Robert Heron is a technologist at heart who has spent more than a decade covering the consumer-electronics (CE) industry through his editorial, laboratory, and media outlet experience.

Robert's expertise as a home-theater analyst and consultant stems from the testing and published reviews of hundreds of related products as well as his continuing education and certification through the assistance of organizations including CEDIA, Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), and THX.

When he's not calibrating home-theater systems or advising clients about the latest A/V gear under the banner of his company Heron Fidelity, Robert enjoys traveling, reading, and almost any flavor of motor sports.