2012: A Look Back with Geoff Morrison, Barb Gonzalez, and Robert Silva

In the final episode of the year, a panel of home-theater journalists—Geoff Morrison of and, Barb Gonzalez of and, and Robert Silva of—discuss the audio/video highlights of 2012, including 4K, 3D, Google TV, online delivery versus physical discs, high frame rate, notable failures, the demise of rear-projection TVs, answers to chat-room questions, and much more.

Run Time: 55:23

Geoff Morrison is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles. Former Editor in Chief of Home Entertainment magazine and Technical Editor of Home Theater magazine, he now writes reviews and features for CNET, Sound+Vision magazine (where he's also Contributing Technical Editor), Residential Systems magazine,,, and He's written articles for Men's Journal, Popular Photography, PC World, Robb Report, Channel Guide, and many others.

Barb Gonzalez is a freelance writer who translates technology for the average consumer. She has written two books: The Home Electronics Survival Guide and Home Theater Made Simple. Dubbed the Simple Tech Guru, her tips, step-by-step how-to's, and explanations simplify everything from iPhones to home theater and home networks.

Robert Silva is an avid home theater enthusiast. He has written for since 1998, and has served as its Home Theater Guide since May of 2000. Robert has had extensive experience in electronics and home theater component sales with several major consumer electronics retailers, including Circuit City, Incredible Universe, Fry's, and Best Buy, as well as experience working in video production/editing, and in digital film restoration and colorization.