Video Calibration

The New Wave of Color Calibration Technology: Cube Calibration


Conclusions about Cube Calibration

Displays have gotten much better over the past decade. CMS systems have gone from hidden away in service menus that you can't access, to having full controls that you can often adjust yourself. At the same time, these controls are not always intuitive and you can often have a situation where you can adjust them to give yourself "perfect" results in calibration software, but have awful results in reality. We have also been given more tools now to evaluate and examine displays in depth, allowing us to find issues we couldn't easily report on before.

Thankfully Lumagen and SpectraCal have risen up to the challenge with their 3D LUT devices. In testing we found that they are able to take an image that is bad and make it good, but more importantly take an image that is great, and make it so close to perfect that you can't tell the difference. With these tools you really can see images at home that are more accurate than ever before, and see exactly what your films look like. Not close, not within a certain acceptable range, but really perfect.

Choosing between the two different setups is a bit harder, but for most people the Radiance will be the one to choose. The Lumagen offers additional video processing features, multiple inputs, and more than the ColorBox and it's available in its cheapest version for less than the ColorBox. The ColorBox can do far more points, and so if you are incredibly exacting you might demand that. With projectors I believe this is overkill, as the lamp will age fast enough that the extra 6-7 hours spent on the calibration each time will be a larger pain, but with a flat panel it is more reasonable to do.

Whatever route you take, having a Cube Calibration and 3D LUT in your system will give you a far better picture than you currently have, and can be added to any system out there. You might just forget 4K and its additional resolution potential you might not see when you can improve the equipment you already have and achieve a different you will notice.