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CalMAN Calibration Software Version 5



In the end, the most important thing about calibration software is the results that you can get from it. I’m fairly certain that there isn’t anything as flexible as CalMAN out there right now and it can get you to what you are after. Of course, more options often means more complexity, and some first time users will still be intimidated by CalMAN. I think it is easier to use than before, but I’ve also gone through ISF Level II training with it, as well as been using the beta version for months now, getting used to how it performs. For the first time user, it can still be a bit daunting.

One concern for DIY users is that with all the power and flexibility, it can be expensive to use compared to having a calibrator come to your house. Many of the options require more powerful, and so the cost of doing everything yourself can rise quickly. For the part-time or hobbyist calibrator, this might cause them to think twice about doing it themselves instead of hiring a professional.

My other main concern is with the AutoCal integration with devices. While ChromaPure and CalMAN both interact with the DVDO Duo and the Lumagen Radiance series, CalMAN has a much larger selection of displays it can control, including JVC, Panasonic, Elite, Runco, and more. I’m hopeful this is just due to CalMAN being able to devote more resources to this issue and not to having an exclusive license to work on them, as I feel that is a bad direction to go. However, if these devices remain open for anyone to control and calibrate automatically, then having this feature is very nice for getting great results in a hurry.

For professionals, there is a lot to like in CalMAN 5 and it might be an easy upgrade for most users. I know the additional patterns and reporting are very useful for me, and will be showing up in a lot of my reviews going forward. The improved interface and workflow makes it easier for everyone to use, and then get good results from. I’m highly looking forward to the PC monitor control that is coming soon as well, so everything I work on will be perfectly dialed in. Overall a powerful, customizable program that does everything you need and will continue to be a staple for many professionals and hobbyists.

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