Video Calibration

CalMAN Calibration Software Version 5


New Features Overview

Many years in the making, there is a lot that has changed in CalMAN 5, so let's look at some of the new or updated features and what they bring to the calibration world.

  • New User Interface. The UI for CalMAN has totally changed from V4, which itself was changed from V3 before it. Your common controls for Meter, Pattern Source, and Target have been moved to the top of the workspace from the options, making them easier to access. Additionally the workflows have been redesigned for a 16:9 screen ratio, as that becomes the common format on PCs.
  • Improved AutoCal. While V4 could calibrate a Lumagen Radiance, or a Runco DHD4 controller, it wasn’t the best at it. The AutoCal has been totally redone and now performs much differently, and better, than before. No longer can you only do grayscale, but also the gamut as well.
  • Saturation and Luminance sweeps. Competitors have been able to do this before, but now CalMAN offers support for reading saturations at 20% intervals and luminance at 10% intervals.
  • More test charts available, including the Gretag Macbeth color checker chart. This is one that will certainly be used in reviews going forward, providing another goal for displays to achieve.
  • Improved reporting system. Previously a report was tied to a workflow, but now reports are separate and can be used in different workflows instead of needing to start over from scratch. Now you can get the same data out if you are using a standard workflow, a custom one, an AutoCal workflow, or something else.
  • Improved device and meter support. More meters are supported than ever before, and more features of those meters are supported. Additional displays can also be directly controlled to allow for AutoCal of ISF Day and Night modes, as well as custom adjustments.
  • With all these changes, and I’ve only touched on a few of them, it will take a while to go into depth on them but I will give it a shot.