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CalMAN Calibration Software Version 5



There are a few different programs out there to assist in calibrating a display, but CalMAN from SpectraCal is currently the most prevalent. CalMAN is used for ISF Level I and II training, and is available in a variety of different configurations ranging from the DIY user to the full time calibration professional. CalMAN has been at work on Version 5 for two years now, extensively testing it and making changes and improvements in response to the feedback received.

With so much that has changed from the previous version (Version 4) to the new version (Version 5), I will focus on an overview of the changes, then do an in-depth exploration of the changes and interface, and finally focus on what these new features mean for reviews that will use CalMAN in the future. Refer to the CalMAN Version 4.1 Review for comparison purposes, published in 2011.

CalMAN 5 Calibration Software

  • Basic License: $199
  • Control License: $299
  • Control License: $299
  • Enthusiast License: $399
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  • Expert License: $1,495
  • Professional License: $2,495
  • Ultimate License: $2,995
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