Video Calibration

Avia II Guide to Home Theater




Avia Guide to Home Theater, is known to many in the world of AV. Released in 1999 by Ovation Multimedia, its various video test patterns and audio test tones have helped countless enthusiastsget the most out of their audio and video equipment. In fact, whenever I have received a new system to evaluate, Avia has traditionally been one of the first tools I would utilize to get the system properly configured. When I recently learned that a new version of Avia was available, I didn't wait very long to request a copy for review and the kind folks at Ovation Multimedia happily obliged.


Avia II is a substantial upgrade to the first Avia Guide to Home Theater. The cost is $49. 99 and Ovation also offers an upgrade program for owners of the original Avia disc which runs $25.00 plus shipping and handling. While the focus and delivery pretty much stay the same as the first Avia, Avia II is a better product than its predecessor because of its additional test patterns, its live action tutorials, and its printable user manual that is included as a pdf file on the disc. Avia II is currently available as a DVD, and Ovation has indicated that there will be a Blu-ray version available in the future. The package includes the Avia II DVD and three colored plastic filters that are used to check a display's color decoder and properly adjust the display's color settings.

In addition, if the Avia II disc is placed in a computer's DVD drive there is a handy glossary of home theater terms as well as an user manual that instructs one on how to get the most out of the advanced test tones and video patterns located on the disc. AviaII-GuideToHomeTheater-Figure2.jpg

Watching the program from start to finish, I was looking forward to seeing what changes were to come. First off, the presentation is very polished and the hosts of the program explain all the concepts in a simple and easy to understand fashion. One can go from start to finish with the disc if they are brand new to home theater, or if they are a seasoned veteran they can advance to a specific chapter to gain more knowledge or check reference test material to assist with calibration and evaluation.