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Canon VIXIA HF11 1080p High Definition Video Camera

Canon VIXIA HF11Just when you thought high definition video cameras couldn't get any smaller, Canon comes along and releases the Vixia HF11. It is full high def (1,920 x 1,080) and will record it as 108060i, 108030p, or 108024p. It uses SD memory cards instead of tape, DVD-R, or hard drive, so it has no moving parts other than the zoom lens and focus. It has 32 GB of memory built-in, which will record nearly 3 hours at the highest bitrate option. Ladies and gentlemen, this is some video camera.


DVDO Edge Video Processor

dvdo-edge-video-processor-img-4903-leadin.jpgMany years ago, CRT projector owners had an annoying problem, if they increased their projection area, scan lines would become visible. The idea of line doubling – duplicating the number of lines to avoid the empty spaces between the scan lines became the first consumer video processing technique available. Since all of our video sources at the time were video, but were originally film – Yvves Faroudja introduced the world to the concept of 3:2 pulldown de-interlacing. De-interlacers were able to double lines but effectively turned the image into a progressive one – a single image that contained data from both interlaced fields at once. Many video processors have come to market since that time to improve on this basic technology, adding many more features than simply de-interlacing. Anchor Bay Technologies has produced numerous processors over the years, and the DVDO Edge is their latest model. It is priced at only $799. Ofer LaOr dissects this new processor and gives us his views on its performance.


Lumagen Radiance XD Video Processor

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My long romance with Lumagen processors started quite a few years ago when image processing was still considered something so uniquely bizarre, the only place you could actually read about it was on Internet forums. I was a frequent forum visitor, and after a lot of reading I ended up with the first generation of Lumagen processors. In this review, Secrets takes a look at their latest iteration, the Radiance. It's expensive, but what a picture!


Sigma DP1 Compact Digital Camera with DSLR-Sized Sensor

sigma-dp1-camera-teaser.jpgSigma's new DP1 compact digital camera has the same large Foveon sensor as in the SD14 DSLR, yet it can fit in your pocket. Read Secrets exclusive, detailed bench test report to see how it compares with its larger SLR cousins.


Canon HG10 Hard Disc Drive High Definition Video Camera

canon-hg-10-camera-teaser.jpgCanon's new HG10 is a hard disk drive (HDD)-based high definition (1080i) video camera that can be had for less than $1,000. It takes very nice videos, but how does it compare to Canon's HV20 which uses tape and a different compression algorithm, at about the same price?


Sony PMW-EX1 Prosumer 1080p High Definition Video Camera

sony-pmw-ex1-video-camera-teaser.jpgThe Sony PMW-EX1 is a Prosumer HD video camera that is quite affordable ($7,499) when you take into account that it will record 1080p30. That's right. Remember how we have all been talking about the day when HDTV programs might begin broadcasting in 1080p instead of 1080i? Well, if it isn't actually part of program broadcasting yet, you can have it for all your home videos. Those birthday parties, daughter's wedding, trip to Europe . . . . you can record them in 1080p30 with a camera that is reasonably portable (it comes with its own small suitcase).

No, it's not one of the pocket sized HD cameras, but you can carry it around without too much difficulty. And, as you will see, the image quality is vastly superior to any consumer HD camera of the past. It's studio quality, affordable to the aficionado.


Panasonic AG-HVX200 Digital Video Camera with P2 Card Storage

panasonic-ag-hvx200-video-camera-teaser.jpgThe Panasonic AG-HVX200 video camera is standard equipment for shooting TV commercials. How did it perform in our tests? Read our review to find out.


Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote

Logitech Harmony One Remote Control Harmony has been building universal remotes for a number of years now.  Honestly a couple of years ago, with the release of the 880, Harmony converted me from years of using Phillips Pronto remotes.  The Harmony remotes were simply easier to program and faster to change when a new component was introduced or swapped.


Canon HV20 One-Chip HDV High Definition Video Camera

thumbnailWhen Canon released its HV10 HD video camera on the heels of the first consumer HD video camera that Sony marketed, well, maybe it was just a bit too fast. There were a couple of things missing, such as an HDMI output and external microphone input. At least that was what consumers complained about on the various forums out there. The HV20 has added both those features and is a fantastic consumer video camera, so if you are in the market for one . . . .


Avia II Guide to Home Theater

LeadImageAviaII-GuideToHomeTheater-thumb.jpg Whenever I receive a new system to evaluate, Avia (on DVD) has traditionally been one of the first tools I utilize to properly configure the system. Secrets took a look at the latest version, Avia II.


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