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JVC GZ-HM1 High Definition Video Camera


On the Bench

The f-stop contour plot for the lens set to its widest angle position is shown below. It varied from about 0.01 to 0.08. The right side of the field tended to have the higher numbers, meaning that it was darker. However, the variation across the field was less than 1/10th of an f-stop, so it was not noticeable in any of the videos.


The same tendency for the right side to be darker was present at the longest telephoto setting, with it being about 0.3 f-stops darker than the left side.


The MTF-50 measurement (an estimation of resolution) was 1005 LW/PH, which is excellent, since full HD is 1080 pixels high.


Chromatic aberration was 0.368 pixels.


The gray scale test shows that the GZ-HM1 attenuates the pure white just a bit. This helps to keep hightlights from blowing out. Color noise was generally low, with blue having the most.


Colors tended to be oversaturated, but generally of the correct tint.


With the Kodak Q-60 color chart, there is a slight tendency for underexposure (the blacks at 19 and darker are not visibly separable), which could partly explain the oversaturation results shown above.