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iRule Home Automation System Review - Controller Application


Conclusion about the iRule Home Automation System Review - Controller Application In Use

For me, iRule is an answer to a long-standing desire: a remote control system that is reliable, high-end, easy to use, and affordable. I looked longingly at the Crestron control pads on display at CEDIA knowing they were financially out of my reach. And they require that you hire a programmer to install them. iRule has brought that same functionality to the end-user in a simple and affordable package that can be configured in endless different ways to suit any automation system. It's truly a custom application in every way. Add to that the ability to use a variety of inexpensive handheld devices as the controller and you have a recipe for success. You can pick up a brand-new Kindle Fire on Amazon for $159 or a used iPhone or iPod touch and have an instant remote control.

Needless to say, iRule has taken up a permanent place in my home. I'm using it to control a living room AV setup as well as my dedicated theater. My total investment was about $350 for two gateways, software, and cabling. I invested about two weeks in learning Builder and creating my control screens. When finished, I had a couple of slick, easy-to-use remotes and perfect reliability. Once configured, it's truly fire-and-forget. If you're looking for a home automation solution that won't cost more than your TV, iRule is by far the best product out there and receives my highest recommendation.