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Sony PMW-EX1 Prosumer 1080p High Definition Video Camera



Sony PMW-EX1 Features

So, let's take a look at the camera itself.

Beginning with the left side, on the front you can see the microphones at the top, and the lens shade with a sliding lever that covers or uncovers the lens. To the rear of the lens is a ring (AF/MF) for use when you want to manually focus rather than auto-focus. It basically disengages the focus motor so you aren't working against it. You can see the manual focus distance indicator (labeled with distance markings), then the manual zoom ring (5.8-81.2), then some sliders for manual/auto control of the iris (f/1.9-f/16) and focus.

Next comes the ND filter switch. The sensors in prosumer and professional video cameras are much more sensitive than in the mass market models, so they usually have ND (Neutral Density) filters that can be slid into place if there is too much light (a bright sunny day). You can also use them to reduce light in order to have a larger aperture and reduce the depth of field. This makes the background appear out of focus.

On the main body of the camera are buttons for setting the gain (in a darkened environment, you could turn up the gain, but of course, this increases the video noise), and for displaying different information such as white peaking.

To the rear is the access door for inserting the SxS Pro ExpressCard Flash memory cards.

Sony PMW-EX1 Video Camera Side View


Sony PMW-EX1 Video Camera Side View Close-up

















Sony PMW-EX1 Video Camera Memory Card Door
















The top of the camera is shown below.

Just behind the microphones are controls that look very much like a VCR. These are for reviewing clips to make sure you got what you wanted. There is also a control for the zoom lens, and a record button. You can control the zoom on the right side of the camera as well, when using the hand strap. These controls are shown in more detail in the second photo.

Sony PMW-EX1 Video Camera Top View




















Sony PMW-EX1 Video Camera Right Side
















Here is the rear panel. The battery is mounted at the bottom. The main power on/off switch is at the top right. It is used to put the camera into a record mode (Camera) or playback mode (Media). You can also choose internal or external microphone support here.

Sony PMW-EX1 Video Camera Rear Panel

















Near the built-in microphones, there is a pair of XLR external microphone inputs that can supply +48V phantom power.

Sony PMW-EX1 Video Camera XLR Connectors
















There are several ways to interface the camera with your computer or other displays. One is SDI, which is the port covered with a round rubber plug, seen at the left (SDI OUT). Besides Firewire, you can also access the camera via USB 2.0, which is underneath a flap beneath the hand strap. I found this to be a little inconvenient as the hand strap made it difficult to get the USB plug into the jack.

Sony PMW-EX1 Video Camera Output Jacks














The remote control is compact and has all necessary features, including the ability to make the camera refocus if the subject changes positions.

Sony PMW-EX1 Video Camera Remote Control