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Panasonic AG-HVX200 Digital Video Camera with P2 Card Storage



On the Bench

Now for the graphs.

At wide angle, the falloff is surprisingly small. Only 0.5 f/stops.

For telephoto, the falloff was still small (maximum of 0.05 f/stops), but it varied widely throughout the visual field. This is very unusual and something I have never seen before. However, the falloff is so low, this will not be visible in the images.

The gray scale test results are shown below.

Here is the shot from the camera.
















To perform the analysis, I open the software and center the blue rectangles on the photo taken from the camera.

And, the results are shown below. Like most video cameras, the AG-HVX200 reduces the higher IREs (whiter "Zones") to keep from blowing out the whites. You can see this in the row of eleven gray levels at the top of the graph. At the left end, the first four gray levels (from white to light gray) show a difference in the camera's reproduction of the gray level from the reference gray level. You can also see this in the staircase diagonal graph just below the gray level strip. By the time gray level 5 (fifth from the left) is reached, the reproduced gray is the same as the reference.

The noise levels are less than 0.5%, which is much lower than with other video cameras I have tested (closer to 1%). This can mean a lot when shadows are in the scene.

Resolution was about what I expected from a medium-high priced 720p camera: 271 LP/PH. This is lower than some of the less expensive 1080i cameras, but that is to be expected. However, it is actually better than one of the 1080i cameras I tested.

Chromatic aberration was a very low 0.27 pixels.

The 28R test pattern results show again, excellent color rendition. The reason this test pattern is used, is that it has the most difficult colors for the video camera to handle, and it handles them very well.

For more typical colors, the SG color chart is shown below. The Panasonic is more accurate here than any video camera I have yet tested.


The Panasonic AG-HVX200 is an excellent high definition video camera. I understand why professionals use it for shooting TV commercials. It has tremendous flexibility and very low video noise, along with superb color rendition. However, there are other pro HD cameras emerging now that have 1080i resolution in the same general price range, and it will be interesting to see if the HVX200 can continue to compete in this market.