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Canon HV20 One-Chip HDV High Definition Video Camera



In Use

Just as with the Canon HV10, I was very impressed with how sharp the videos were with the HV20. Below are individual frames (two fields combined) from the videos I took, using Auto mode. Photos are unmanipulated except for sizing to fit on these pages.

Every photographer has days when he or she just happens to be at the right place at the right time. One afternoon, when I was out on my deck taking videos, eight buzzards landed on a tree in my yard. This one perched on top. The sun was behind the bird, and using the telephoto lens on the HV20, I got this shot. Maybe they looked at my aging carcass and were waiting for me to keel over so they could get their lunch. (Click on the smaller photos to enlarge them.)

Also part of nature, and just as gorgeous, are these leaves on a plum tree. Notice that in macro-photography, the depth of field is very narrow, so only the green leaf is sharp. In any case, the red was not as oversaturated as I expected it to be.

Here is a red flower in shadow, which seemed to work nicely. No oversaturation.

As the reds become pink however, the usual oversaturation does occur. Going into manual mode and underexposing a bit here would help.

This flower is just plain deep pink. It would need about 1.5 f/stops less exposure to keep the image from blinding you.

In December, we still get lots of fruit on the trees, such as these lemons becoming ripe. A bit of white blowout on one of the lemons. No noise in the deep shadows.

As long as there are not too many f/stops of dynamic range in the ambient light, yellow does very well with the HV20.

If you want the small spines on a plant such as this green succulent to appear without jaggies (the video is interlaced), you need to hold the camera very still.

Blue is excellent (see also the blue sky behind the lemons in one of the photos above).

And, here is my Safeway Vegetable Rack Test. This is about as natural as I have ever seen it on a video frame, which indicates accurate automatic white balance. Very sharp too.

The outdoor spotlight test indicates an X pattern of flare, instead of the single vertical line that I have seen with other cameras.


Here is the Iris Test (click on the photo below to download the *.wmv video). It is the same result as the HV10.
iris test