Universal Players

OPPO BDP-93, BDP-93NE (NuForce Edition), and BDP-95 Universal 3D Blu-ray Players



Both the OPPO BDP-93 and BDP-95 represent two of the very best Universal Blu-ray players on the market, and especially the BDP-95's audio performance is nothing short of superb, posting some audio measurements that were below the limits of detectability by the standard bench test instrument in the industry. The OPPO's video performance is also excellent. In short, the BDP-95 is a reference quality player, capable of standing toe-to-toe with the best projectors, SSPs, preamps, power amps, and speakers out there. The BDP-93NE does show some measureable audio performance differences from the basic 93 and offers the consumer another choice, where different factors are emphasized.