Universal Players

OPPO BDP-105 Universal Blu-ray Player Review



What we see here is not just another universal Blu-ray player, but a player that is morphing into a media server. It has every type of input that one could ask for, including a connection for a hard drive through the USB port, that gives you unlimited space to store your music and video files, as well as an HDMI input, coaxial and optical digital inputs, and wireless network, which allows you to access music and video files anywhere in your wireless home network. It was designed as a Blu-ray player that has superb video and audio, with the media server features added, rather than a conglomerate of several terabytes of storage with a network connection, and a Blu-ray player added.

The result is something magical. When the iPad app is completed, we will truly have an audiophile-grade universal source, universal server, or whatever name you want to put to it, that is almost limitless in capability.

Well done, OPPO!