Universal Players

Marantz UD9004 Universal Blu-ray Player



Overall, the UD9004 is an amazing universal disc player. The player handled every disc I threw at it with ease. The video quality was excellent. The UD9004 analog audio performance made me want to listen to every disc in my collection all over again. The player is responsive once you get past the slow start-up speed and supports BD-Live without much difficulty. My single biggest complaint was the lack of a digital input. For as much as I loved the sound from the UD9004, I longed for the ability to plug the audio from my music server into the UD9004 to see if it could work its magic on my networked music collection. I hope Marantz considers adding that feature on a future version. For now, the UD9004 has reminded me just how much I enjoy listening to music. I will definitely miss it. If you are looking for a premium, high performance universal disc player with exceptional analog and multi-channel audio performance and reference level video performance, the UD9004 should definitely be on your short list to audition.