Universal Players

Denon DBP-4010UDCI Universal Blu-ray player


On the Bench

(Just to remind you, to see a larger version of the spreadsheet chart above, click on it, and then click on the blue square with little arrows in the bottom right hand corner of the chart to increase it to full size. You can hold the left mouse button down on the chart to move it around your computer monitor's screen to see all of the data.)

Video Performance

The Denon DBP-4010UDCI had excellent results in all but a couple of our benchmark tests. Measurements were taken at 1080i resolution with the Tektronix Oscilloscope from the component analog video outputs. The DBP-4010UDCI had excellent core performance with white levels measured at a perfect 100IRE, luma and chroma channels in perfect alignment, and the image was displayed in full resolution without any cropped pixels. As you can see from the graph, the frequency response measured from the DBP-4010UDCI is almost ruler flat.
In our HD section of the benchmark the DBP-4010UDCI aced all of our tests with flying colors. The player has excellent noise reduction features accessible from the picture adjust button on the remote. In addition this player has good diagonal filtering and images are free from jaggies and stairstepping. The DBP-4010UDCI can properly convert both 3:2 and 2:2 cadence 1080i material properly. Finally the DBP-4010UDCI delivers the full image real estate and no pixels are cropped whatsoever.

Standard DVD Performance

Denon has been releasing Blu-ray players with excellent standard DVD deinterlacing again and again, and this player is no exception. The DBP-4010UDCI had near perfect results in our standard DVD benchmarks. Using HDMI and component connections the player passed all of our film based tests with ease. Results on our high detail test were superb and the player tackled anything you threw at it with precision.

On video based material the DBP-4010UDCI had good results with a minor exception. The player is motion adaptive and applies diagonal filtering and it passed our 2-2 Cadence tests easily but it fell short with a slow recovery time when switching back and forth between film and video material. Not slow enough to fail our test, but not fast enough to get a passing score either.

On the usability section of our benchmark, the DBP-4010UDCI had average results. Responsiveness from the remote was ok but general operation was slow and the layer change came in at just over a second which is a tad slow in comparison with some other players.