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Pro-Ject Xtension 10 Superpack Turntable System


Conclusions about the Pro-Ject Xtension 10 Superpack Turntable System

Through the Xtension 10, Pro-Ject has made a very strong case to be considered a serious contender in a more upscale turntable market. This turntable has the build quality and looks to hold its own among turntables costing thousands more. I have heard how form follows function so many times and I just know that was nothing more than an excuse to explain away an ugly product. Not so here. The Xtension 10 hits both points – form and function.

I found this table got the best performance from the Blackbird cartridge that I have heard yet. In pretty much every way, it was the best I've heard out of the Blackbird. I honestly didn't find any serious audible shortcomings with this set-up. As a matter of fact, I got the Beatles box set during the review period and I went from one late night session to the next, each record opening my eyes again to the genius of the Beatles and their sound. That you can get a great deal on the Xtension 10/Blackbird system through the special Superpack Pricing is just icing on the cake.