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Pro-Ject Xtension 10 Superpack Turntable System


Setup of the Pro-Ject Xtension 10 Superpack Turntable System

The crate system of the Xtension 10 is probably the most competent packing system of any turntable I have reviewed. The table was safely cradled in a large pressboard crate with cut out handles on the sides. I could have lifted and moved in myself, but the crate was just a little too wide to get a leverage advantage so I needed some help to wrestle the box into the house.

The top of the crate comes right off once you cut the two metal straps that secured the lid in shipping. Removing the lid reveals an unpacking guide. The table is partially assembled and set up was quick and straightforward as outlined in the concise and easy to follow manual.

You start by screwing in the feet. Remember that the front left foot is different from the other three and it is clearly marked. Then you place the platter on the spindle, install the belt and bolt on the pulley cover.

The next step is to install the cartridge, adjust the horizontal tracking angle. You then level the table, set the tracking force and hang the antiskate weight on the back of the arm housing.

The only thing left to do is to adjust the azimuth and vertical tracking angle if necessary. I checked these on my review sample and they were dead on so I didn't need to play with these settings to get really good sound. I did find that the brass fulcrum for the antiskate weight was hard for me to access, even when the table was on an open shelf. So I got help from my 11 year old daughter because she has much smaller fingers.

I finally installed the dust cover once everything was in proper order. The Xtension 10 dust cover is made of very thick and crystal-clear acrylic.

I really can't stress enough the high build quality of this turntable. It is a piece of industrial art and it probably garnered more raves from our guests than any single product I have reviewed. This attention to detail was seen throughout my experience with the turntable and can be heard through its sonic character as well.

And the way this table is packaged just further reinforces the manufacturer's commitment to their customers. The crate is like an archival piece that every owner will keep so they can safely store, move or sell their table without a single worry that it might get damaged in any way.