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Clearaudio Concept Turntable



It's not hard to guess that I enjoyed my time with the Concept. I went through nearly my entire vinyl collection in the couple of months that I had it around, and couldn't wait to hear what it had in store for me. The most enjoyable part was inviting over friends that had never listened to vinyl before and having them experience the beautiful sound it can produce.

For many people my age, our recollections of vinyl are the worn out records our parents had kept since college, full of crackles and pops, played back on a low end table with a far too worn down cartridge and stylus. To be the person that is able to allow them to experience the wonderful, warm experience of settling in to listen to an album on vinyl for the first time is a rewarding experience. In addition, while the manual labor of flipping an album between songs can seem archaic when we have music servers that can play your entire library back continuously, having to be so involved in the activity makes you really sit back and listen to the music, instead of so often treating it as a passive, background noise.

I'm sure some people are going to look at the bench tests and scream "Even the worst CD players have far better technical specs than that!" or worse, that I'm just deluded into hearing things that I want to hear and since others say that vinyl is better, then I'm just another audio-fool. To those I'd counter that I don't like to spend my money on things that I don't think are better just to be part of a club. Most of my money now goes to vinyl instead of digital recordings, and the whole time the Concept was here, I had trouble pulling myself away from it to review anything else, even amazingly digital sources.

I might have not bought the review unit, one of my friends that came to listen to vinyl for the first time did and he couldn't be happier with his purchase. I can also assure you that adding one to my system is at the top of my list. Once you've gone to a quality vinyl setup, you might never go back to digital again. Recommended as highly as any component that I have used in my system.

After I finished this review, I dropped by the house of the fellow writer that purchased the review table. We threw on the brand new 2 LP, 45 RPM remastered version of Rumours from Fleetwood Mac, which had just arrived earlier that week. Listening to "Never Going Back Again" was just something magical, and sounded as real and natural as music at home really can be. If you go out and experience the Concept turntable after a life of digital music, you too may be "Never Going Back Again" to your CD player.