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The Inner World of LCD TVs - Part II


Introduction to the The Inner World of LCD TVs - Part II

As you probably know well by now, LCD TVs are far and away the most popular type of flat-panel television available today. But exactly how they work is a mystery to most, even technically inclined folks within the industry. So I decided to provide a clear and comprehensive explanation of the inner workings of LCD TVs—no easy task, I can assure you!

In Part I, I explained what liquid-crystal material is and how it is electrically manipulated to let more or less light from the TV's backlight pass through each red, green, and blue subpixel in order to form a full-color image on the screen. However, while the concepts presented there form the foundation of how liquid-crystal displays work, they aren't sufficient to make a high-quality television. That requires some modifications, which I'll discuss in Part II.

If you haven't read Part I yet, I strongly recommend that you do before continuing with Part II. Part I is located HERE.

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