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AVR – Audio Video Receiver – Build Quality: Part III – Component Choices for a High Performance Design


Use of the LSI AVR chip in Stereo Applications

The LSI AVR chip provides so many functions at a low cost, that aspects of its functionality can be deployed in other product categories. The $500 Yamaha R-S700 stereo receiver reviewed on this site uses the Renesas chip but uses it in a balanced mode to significantly reduce the chips distortion and the dynamic range doubled.

For the CD input, the electronic volume section runs in the balanced mode with four of the eight volume controls on the chip in conjunction with external op-amps. The input selector is bypassed, and the balanced signals connect to four of the eight direct inputs. The comprehensive support for tape recorders in the R-S700, rare for a stereo product in this price category, is made possible by two independent stereo input selectors of the Renesas chip.