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AVR - Audio Video Receiver - Build Quality: Part II - Design of High-Performance AVRs and Pre/Pros


Design of High-Performance AVRs and Pre/Pros: A More Technical Perspective with Material Relevant to Stereo Preamplifiers and Outboard DACs

Following on Part I of this series, "AVR - Audio Video Receiver - Build Quality: Part I", here, in Part II, I dig a bit deeper into the performance of a single-chip Large Scale Integrated (LSI) analog AVR chip and introduce better solutions employing Small Scale Integrated (SSI) analog chips. Herein, I refer only to Pre/Pros, but everything discussed applies equally to AVRs. Pre/Pros tend to use analog SSI chips, while most AVRs use the LSI solution (see the chart in Part I of this article for the make and model numbers of the AVRs and Pre/Pros using the LSI chip). I carryover the term, AVR LSI, from the first part of this article and refer to AVR when I comment on products with power amplifiers.

The sections on electronic volume controls, op-amps, and CMOS-based signal switching are also relevant to the stereo preamplifier design. The section on circuitry interfacing to a DAC, digital reconstruction filtering, and jitter attenuation are integral to stereo devices with digital inputs.