Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Revel Performa F52 Tower Speakers, C52 Center Channel Speaker, S30 Surround Speakers, and Concerta B120 Subwoofer



My time with the Performas was very pleasurable. They are the finest speakers I have had in my theater to date. Though I have heard high-end products in other environments there's no comparison to actually living with them. The front soundstage had such a depth and power that my room was overwhelmed when I turned the volume up too high. At proper reference levels however, the balance and tone was simply superb. At no time did the speakers have to work to reproduce any material of any type. Whether it was classical music, vintage rock or the most dynamic movie soundtrack, the Performas handled everything with total ease. I wouldn't consider them difficult to drive but to use them with anything less than a high-powered receiver or separates would be leaving something on the table. They deserve electronics befitting their price point.

The exhaustive research and design behind the Revel Performas results in a quality of sound reproduction that is more than worth the effort. I believe it would take a good deal more cash to improve upon them. Given that Revel's next higher line, the Ultima2, retails for $45,000 (5.1 system) I suspect they agree. At the $13,500 price of the Performa system, the bang-for-buck factor is quite high.

Though I cannot afford these speakers myself, they are something for me to aspire to. I don't plan on getting rid of my Axioms any time soon but Revel Performas are at the top of my very short "someday" list. I give them my highest recommendation.