Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Revel Concerta 5.1 Speaker System



I set the F12s about 3.5 feet from the side walls and 9 inches off the front wall. The C12 replaced the spot above the TV that my, now seemingly diminutive, center sat. The C12 weighed about twice as much as my center and I was fearful that the shelf rack would not be able to sustain the added weight. To my great relief, it held! The S12s were positioned 1 foot behind and 2.5 feet above my head from my “sweet spot”.

The subs were a little trickier to set up. Kevin Voecks gave me a “white paper” on experiments done with multiple subs and how multiple subs can smooth out nodes and voids in your perception of bass in different seating locations in a room. Some seats will hear “boom” and other will simple hear very weak bass. Four subs were considered optimal, but two subs, if properly set up, could sound almost as good! It is all in the placement.

The supplied diagram that came with each sub suggested mid wall placements that face each other. This particular location allows for each sub to cover the room and distribute the bass more evenly and consistently through the entire listening area. After all, why should the guy in the middle seat get all the fun? Following a fair amount of tweaking (mostly turning down the volume on each sub), I reached a point where the bass was very deep and solid, but not overly boomy. Remember, the purpose of multi subs is not increase the shear volume of bass, but to smooth it out over a larger listening area. No matter where I sat in my room, the bass sounded equally smooth and extended which is what multiple subs should provide in a room.

I really liked the wireless transmitter and the fact that I did not have to run more cables over the floor. Simply plug your cable from the “sub out” to the transmitter, select which channel you want the subs to be on (a choice of 4) and you’re all set. I had no transmitter issues during the course of this review. If you prefer the traditional method of hooking up your sub with cables, you still can. On the rear you'll find an easy-to-use control layout, including the EQ settings.

Revel Concerta

An on/off switch accompanies a fixed power cord and auto-signal detection/stand-bye. A separate volume control, line-level connections, and an on/off low pass filter that includes phase control and frequency response finish up the 250 watt amp panel. All in all, these subs allow for a lot of tweaking. I used an Emotiva LPA-1 amplifier with an Emotiva LMC-1 pre/pro during my review. The Concerta speakers are fairly efficient and I had no trouble driving the system with my125 watt/channel power plant.