Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Paradigm Soundtrack (Soundbar and Subwoofer) Speaker System


Conclusions about the Paradigm Soundtrack System

I liked the Soundtrack System. It falls in between what I would call the mid-price range for what soundbars are currently selling for. It provides better bass than most entry level systems offer while delivering ample volume and clarity for movies and TV viewing. The learning remote option works better than the supplied remote, which is very basic, plasticy and small. It has multiple mounting and placement options coupled with a sleek, well finished design that will look good in most room decors. Some areas that I would like to see improved upon would be the soundbar/bass module crossover region. Preferably, a variable crossover would improve the ability to move the bass module into more locations closer to the listener and blend the bar and bass module better. A numeric volume display would be nice, but not a deal breaker for most of us. The Paradigm Soundtrack delivers in those two areas that I find to be most important: clear dialog reproduction and broad dynamic range. If you are looking for simplicity and flexibility in a good sounding soundbar system, the Soundtrack may well be what you are looking for. "Good sound" always sounds good to me.