Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Paradigm SE Series Home Theater Speakers



Here at the end I am finding myself failing to articulate just how praiseworthy these speakers are. Maybe that's because superlatives don't really work for true high performance speakers in that ideally they should defy such descriptions.

Paradigm's Reference series speakers have been reviewed to death with unilateral enthusiasm. The SE's are priced closer to them than they are to the more affordable Monitors and this plays out in the performance and presentation as well. You literally are getting "almost" a Paradigm Reference. For my money, the margin of performance is slim enough that I would definitely give a nod to the SE's as the greater bang for your buck. The SE3 in particular is one of those speakers I am going to remember 10 years from now like I do the Monitor 11, 5se Mk II, or Titan.

Cosmetically, something which can actually matter with speakers, I actually prefer the SE's to Paradigm's other cabinets right now.

When I started this review my attitude was a somewhat cynical "why another line up Paradigm?!?". Well, I get it now. The "essay" Mark eluded to is a success: they CAN pull from their technology pool and come up with a new price/performance ratio which is very much worth hitting. Grab yours before they decide that "Special Edition" really means "Limited Edition"!