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Paradigm Rock Speakers



I also experimented with placement. Though outdoor speakers tend to be a little less tricky than indoor speakers, the same rules of physics apply. My back yard is fairly large, approximately 120'X 50', and though I did experiment with setting the speakers up to cover the entire area, I decided that it made more sense to focus their sound over a smaller listening area due to drawbacks with sound deterioration over larger distances. I have a primary seating area out back that measures ~15X15, and I used this as the area that I wanted maximum sound quality. I placed them directly up against my house and got a little too much boundary reinforcement, though when I placed them out in the yard they tended to sound a little thin by comparison. I opted for about a foot away from exterior walls for a balance, you should experiment with placement for optimal sound in your setup. (Better yet, ask the neighbors where they'd like you to put them…what's that? Right up against the fence? You got it!)