Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Paradigm Reference Millenia 300 Tower Floor-standing Speakers, Millenia 30 Center Channel Speaker, Millenia ADP Surround Speakers, and Studio Sub 15 Subwoofer



Overall, I greatly enjoyed my time with the Millenia system. For anyone looking to adorn their new flat screen with an aesthetically pleasing and acoustically satisfying experience, this setup will meet their expectations very nicely. Spousal approval is nearly assured and this has no physical or audible resemblance to an HTIB system whatsoever. A subwoofer is an essential component for the Millenia setup and, while the Studio 15 is almost certainly overkill, it performed flawlessly and produced some of the cleanest low frequencies I have ever experienced. The ADP Surrounds provide a very diffuse soundfield which helps them to disappear, yet continue to add all of the sound envelopment required for a truly theatrical experience. Finally, the striking visual impact of these speakers in an AV environment sets them apart from many competitors. They just feel as though they belong. Strong work, Paradigm!