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Paradigm Monitor 7 Series Speakers


Conclusions About the Paradigm Monitor 7 Series Speakers

With literally over a hundred speaker brands at CES and CEDIA, you can almost throw a dart and find good sound (as long as said dart didnít pierce a driver). But to do so at a price point, thatís what continues to amaze me time after time with Paradigm. While I am personally not thrilled they had to finally concede to outsourced manufacturing, there is honestly nothing in the product which gives it away. The Mini Monitors are an instant classic, the Center 1 is so very hifi that I wonder what three would be like as an L/C/R set, and the Surround 1 continues the legacy of delivering the best surround sound field you can put into a home theatre.

The Series 7, like so many Paradigms before them, are speakers which have the potential to become heirlooms!