Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Paradigm Millenia 20 Hybrid In-Wall speakers



I have to admit I actually spent more time listening to music on this system than movies or TV. I'm normally about 90/10 movies & TV to music but I was enjoying the listening experience so much with the Hybrids that I kept coming back to some favorite audio pieces. I also spent less time critically listening and evaluating as I often became absorbed in the experience and just enjoyed the music. The Millenia Hybrids usually faded into the background and did not draw much attention to themselves. They had enough resolution in fact to occasionally draw my attention to details in the source content that might otherwise have stayed hidden. But I'll take quality reproduction in my system and find appropriate source material any day over systems that mask poor sources.

There was one moment during the testing that to me sums it up well for the Paradigm Millenias and one that I am happy to claim as a victory for the fans of quality audio everywhere. It was my brother's lament as I finished an evening of detailed listening - I think you've spoiled MP3's for me forever now.