Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Paradigm Cinema 100CT 5.1 Speaker System


Conclusions About the Paradigm Cinema 100CT 5.1 Speaker System

I was surprised - make that pleasantly surprised. Both by the sound the Paradigm Cinema 100CT produced and just how much I enjoyed them in my room. Sure they looked tiny and they were not up to my reference speakers quality of music reproduction. But for TV and movies they were plenty of fun. Lacking in midbass purity and output they still threw a large sound stage, blended seamlessly as a set (note to Paradigm: please consider a vertical stand for the center) and had decent bass at low listening levels. Dialogue was easy to understand and effects were accurately placed and defined.

Could these replace my Electrostatics in my big system? I'm afraid not. But they are at the top of my list for a secondary TV and light music system. If your room is not overly big and as long as you can place the sub up front, close to the mains will make a nice discreet 5.1 system.