Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Paradigm Cinema 100CT 5.1 Speaker System


Setup of the Paradigm Cinema 100CT 5.1 Speaker System

I placed the speakers on my wide equipment rack that is directly under my display. I did remove the huge MartinLogan Stage center Channel to make way for the relatively tiny Cinema 100 speaker. Paradigm includes 4 vertical stands for the speakers and one horizontal stand for the center. The vertical stands are screwed into the speakers, while the center rests on the horizontal stand. As my reference center is huge I had enough room to place the center speaker vertically to match the LT/RT speakers. The stand held it in place although it is clearly not designed for this as it is not secure. I choose this method to give the front stage three identical speakers. Horizontally aligning speaker drivers can cause phase issues, lobbing, comb filtering and other nasty artifacts due to having the tweeter beside and not above the midrange. Given the choice I always prefer vertical centers especially when they are identical to the LT/RT speakers as this improves blending of the front stage.

I then wired everything up to my Denon 4308AVR. Sources included a PS3 for Blu-ray playback and my HTPC served up music and recorded HDTV. The speakers were installed in my main listening room, which is very large and open. My reference subwoofer system was switched off and I used only the single 8Cinema sub.