Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Onkyo HT-S7200 HTiB (Home Theater in a Box)



I tried the towers out the first night with my Denon receiver and they sounded a little thin and crackly (and it was obvious that they were far less sensitive than my Paradigm Studio 20s), which made me thankful that the Onkyo receiver utilized 130 WPC instead of the 90 in my Denon. I think it's important to note how cool this receiver runs. I had an Onkyo a few years ago with the same power rating, and I could barely touch the exhaust vents, which made for a poor choice when paired with a PS3 (also runs very hot) inside an enclosed cabinet or equipment rack. Nevertheless, make sure the Onkyo receiver is well ventilated.

After connecting the towers with the rest of the entire Onkyo system, the sound was anything but thin and crackly. Take the time to run the Audyssey setup program, as it will help you get your system arranged correctly (when it says its playing the Front Left speaker, make sure the sound isn't coming out of the Surround Right, etc.) and it will make then entire system sound a little more focused and cohesive.