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I’ve heard my share of both consumer and pro MK speakers over the years, although I don’t fall into the category of hard-core MK devotee (which probably wouldn’t make for an objective reviewer). MK Sound started as a pro audio company, so the emphasis has always been on accurate reproduction without introducing any character to the sound (no built-in smiley/frown frequency response curves here). The M Series marketing brochure touts “uncannily realistic sound with fast transient response, razor-sharp imaging and accurate soundstaging.” That is a pretty good description of the classic MK sound, and not surprisingly also describes my experience with the M Series.

As long as we’re tossing around adjectives, I would describe the M Series as revealing without being unforgiving. The combination of the sealed-design and Phased Focused Crossovers produced excellent transient response across the frequency spectrum, and imaging was indeed razor-sharp. Revolution, from the Beatles Love DVD-Audio, was a real treat on the MK’s. Lennon and Harrison’s distorted guitars, McCartney’s driving bass and Ringo’s pounding backbeat filled the room without sounding harsh or fatiguing.

Like most people, when I want to really give speakers a work-out I lean towards action films. Wanted stars Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman as a fraternity of assassins designed to rid society of bad people. This translates into lots of bullets whizzing (and bending?!) in slow-motion, car chases, explosions and all manner of good stuff. The MK Series shined with this material. The identical MK 7’s and tripole M4-T’s created a theater-like soundstage. My wife, who has become somewhat blasé at watching these kinds of films, almost gave herself whiplash following the surround pans of gunfire swirling from the M4-T’s.