Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Mixing and Matching: The Paradigm Reference Signature C5 Center Channel Cone Speaker vs. Electrostatics



The point of this treatise is to say that you can use different speakers in your home theater, as long as they are all neutral. And, the story doesn't really end there. Most new SSPs and receivers have built-in room correction that will flatten the frequency response, as well as set delay for speaker distance, and so on. As a result, the basic frequency response of a speaker is not so important as it used to be. But, the correction cannot remove such flaws as a boomy enclosure or the metallic "tizzy" sound that some metal dome tweeters have. The C5 is as good as it gets, right out of the box. When home theater was getting started, no one realized that the center channel would be the most important. Well, now we know, and the Paradigm C5 is a killer.