Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Mirage MX 5.1 Speaker System


In Use

Big sound from a little speaker? Yup. Right away it was obvious that the MX speaker system was no ordinary speaker package. My listening space is rather large but the MX Satellite's did a great job of filling my room with nicely balanced and detailed sound. Dialogue from the center speaker was crisp and intelligible. The sound had a nice height which seemed to float smoothly over each speaker. At high volumes the satellites began to show their limitations, but these aren't the kind of volumes you would maintain for a 2 hour movie. As satisfying as the speaker was I began to imagine what these speakers would sound like in a smaller room where higher volumes wouldn't be necessary.,/

G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra is not a critic favorite but to its credit it does sport a pretty good DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 sound track. While I won't talk much about the film itself, listening to the audio mix through the MX satellite's was utterly fun. This movie gives the surround speakers a lot of love which the MX's handled wonderfully. The MM-6 subwoofer was a pleasant surprise, mid-bass was tight, punchy and surprisingly powerful. For such a diminutive sub it makes its presence felt. The MM-6 isn't designed to reach subsonic depths but in a small to medium sized room it's capable of highly enjoyable l sound.

CD's were also pleasing. Imaging was pretty good but not quite as good as other compact speakers I've heard. Then again, the MX's are the tiniest speakers I've come across in quite some time. Nevertheless, it was clear to me that the MX speaker system was designed for home theater. While music playback in both stereo in and multichannel were fine, the size of the speaker kept it from giving me the big musical presentation I was accustomed to. Something that wasn't so apparent when watching movies. Even while listening to music the omnipolar design was true to form, creating a deceptively big sound, but in the end the size of my listening room proved a tad too much.