Surround Sound Speaker Systems

Mirage MX 5.1 Speaker System



On paper the MM-6 subwoofer is sure to turn some heads; featuring a built-in 800 watt digital amplifier and 6.5 aluminum woofer. The subwoofer itself weighs a little over 10 pounds but like the satellite speakers Mirage clearly paid attention to detail, hence the dual 6 1/2"passive radiators. While I was a little dismayed by its overall dimensions (8 x 8 x 8), Mirage did enough with the MM-6 to keep me fascinated. The sub has a rated frequency response of 42hz-200Hz, comparable to other subwoofers of its size. Around back you'll find common subwoofer controls, 0-360 degree phase control, left and right line/sub in and auto/on/off power mode.

The satellite speakers are video shielded and measure a little less than 4.5 inches high. As one would expect from a speaker this size the frequency response is 110-20 KHz. The low frequency duties should obviously be directed to the subwoofer. Be sure to adjust your crossover accordingly. I set the crossover in my AVR to 120 Hz which worked perfectly. The satellites are 8 ohms and rated at 100 watts each. Efficiency is middle of the road at 87db's, light work for most receivers and amplifiers. The omnipolar design of the satellite's is intended to create a large 360 degree soundstage. Each satellite features a 5/8 tweeter and 2 ½ woofer.